Built Up Roofs

Built Up Roofing Offer Traditional Reliability

A traditional style of commercial roofing offered by Quality Roofing Services is built up roofing, a roofing style that has been around for many decades. Built up roofing is commonly used on buildings with flat roofs, or roofs with a very low slope.

The main material in a built up roof is called bitumen, a thick black substance that looks and feels just like tar. The bitumen is used to laminate several layers (called felts) of roofing material together. The bitumen acts as a waterproof coating, while a layer of gravel provides protection against the elements and impact damage. A top coat of asphalt or other surface material is typically placed on top, resulting in a strong, durable roof that will last for years to come.

We also do commercial roof repairs on built-up roofing, which involves cutting out the damaged felt area, replacing it with a section of new felt, then adding another layer on top. We apply roofing cement in between each layer to act as a sealant.

You can feel good about choosing Quality Roofing Services for built up roofing. We have specialized in commercial roofing for more than 20 years. Our manufacturer warranties and workmanship guarantee will provide peace of mind throughout the ownership of your roof.

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