Warranties That Protect the Roof Over Your Head

Quality Roofing Services has gone through the time and expense of becoming approved as a certified installer by each and every one of the roofing manufacturers whose products and materials we install. Why bother with this extra step? In a word: warranties.

Only a certified roofing contractor can offer customers the full scope of warrant coverage offered by the manufacturer of roofing systems, materials, equipment and products. Factory-certified training on installation and maintenance techniques give us an advantage in our work, but also provide the peace of mind of knowing that your roof is eligible for manufacturer-backed warranty coverage should a defect occur.

Guaranteeing Our Own Work

Quality Roofing Services goes a step beyond for our commercial roofing clients. In addition to the manufacturer’s warranty coverage, we also warranty our installation work. We have enough confidence in our skilled and experienced commercial roofing professionals that we have no problem returning to mitigate, repair or replace any issue that arises during the warranty period. In short, we stand behind our work. Period.

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