Safety Conscious

We’re All About Safety

Working high above the ground – whether it is 15 feet or 15 stories – can be dangerous. Which is why at Quality Roofing Services we take the safety and health of our workers and our job sites very seriously.

We don’t just look at the minimum OSHA safety requirements and do “just enough” to pass inspection. We go above and beyond to help ensure every member of our team receives extensive training in safe work practices and is fully equipped with the proper safety gear and personal protective equipment. Every workday starts with a safety reminder discussion, and inspections are made throughout the day to make sure the job site is clear of obstacles and safety “best practices” are being followed.

Your commercial property is included in our safety envelope. No work is begun until we set up a precautionary zone around the job site, and access to the roof is limited to approved personnel while the roof replacement or repair is underway. Nobody wants anyone to get hurt or any damage to be done.


The Proof is in the Rating

You don’t have to take our word for how much emphasis we place on a safe workspace. Just look at Quality Roofing Services’ experience modification rating used by our insurance company. An experience modification rating is a loss reporting measurement that is used by insurance companies to set annual premium rates for liability and workers’ compensation coverage. These rates are adjusted every year based on a three-year period of injury or damage claims from a business in comparison to an industry average loss rate. Generally, the fewer incidents that occur, the lower the premium rate.

Quality Roofing Services’ experience modification rating has been consistently lower than our competitors across central Indiana and continues to trend lower every year. That means we’re working more intentionally and more safely than other commercial roofers.

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