Quality Knows Low Slope Roofs

Low slope roofing can be more challenging because of the unique considerations involved in the design, selection of materials, installation, and maintenance. Our roofing experts at Quality Roofing Services understand the nuances of low slope roofing and can provide quality workmanship to ensure a long-lasting and functional roof.

Low Slope Roofing for Your Commercial Property

Quality Roofing Services offers a full range of low slope roofing services to enhance the functionality and durability of your commercial building.

Low slope roofs are distinct architectural features that requires skill and experience to install, maintain and repair due to the many challenges inherent in this type of design, including the susceptibility of pooling water and leaks. Although flat and low slope roofing may pose more challenges than pitched roofing systems, they deliver the benefits of being extremely durable and long-lasting.

Low slope are among the most challenging types of roofing systems because there is little to no water run-off capabilities, which can lead to ponding and roof failure. It’s not just the water damage you have to worry about; it’s the destructive algae growth that can create tension on the surface and lead to roof deterioration. Unlike steeply sloped roofs, which use gravity to drain rain and snowmelt, low slope require a positive slope be included in the design to allow for drainage.