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When storm damage strikes, we’re there to help you through each step of the commercial insurance claims process.

We Help Make Roofing Insurance Claims Simple

Experiencing damage to your roof from a storm, high winds or other weather event is bad enough. Protecting the contents of the building – whether tenants, goods, materials or systems – is top priority. But dealing with your insurance company to get the damage claim paid can make it extra stressful.

Rest easy. Quality Roofing Services will work with your insurance company adjuster on your roof insurance claim, facilitating the process to make sure the damage is repaired and claim paid as promptly as possible.

Time is of the essence when it comes to dealing with your insurance company. Many insurance carriers require claims to be filed within a certain amount of time after the damage occurred, or they may not cover the repair costs. This means getting a professional inspection done as soon as possible after a storm or other event that’s caused roof damage to your commercial property.

Quality Roofing Service’s experienced commercial roofing professionals will carefully inspect the roof and document any damage, preparing a report and repair estimate for your insurance company to help speed the claims process. We are known and trusted by insurance carriers for our promptness, thoroughness, and accuracy in identifying and assessing roof damage.

Beware of Hidden Damage

Don’t assume that just because you can’t see obvious damage to your roof from the ground that nothing has occurred! Often the damage is not readily visible without a thorough on-roof inspection. Keep in mind that even moderate storms can cause damage to your roofing underlayment, and different types of roofing materials may suffer from different kinds of damage.

If you suspect your commercial roof may have suffered damage, trust the professionals from Quality Roofing Services to inspect and assess the damage, make quick repairs to restore the integrity of the roof, and work to streamline the insurance claim process.

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