Firestone Master Contractor 2010

Firestone Master Contractor 2010

Dear Roger

On behalf of Firestone Building Products, I congratulate you on earning one of the highest honors in the commercial roofing industry-the 2010 Firestone Inner Circle of Quality Award.

In earning this award, you have demonstrated the professionalism and commitment needed to consistently meet Firestone’s established standards of installation excellence.  Firestone is extremely proud to present you with this prestigious award as it reflects your true dedication to long-term roofing excellence.

The Firestone Inner Circle of Quality Award recognizes Master Contractors who have installed a minimum of four warranted Firestone roofs in each of the past five years, maintained at least two million square feet of Firestone roofs under warranty, and achieved an annual Quality Incidence Rating (QIR) of 2.0 or less.

As an Inner Circle of Quality Award winner, you represent an elite group of roofing professionals.  Firestone applauds your company for its dedication to quality installations and superior roofing performance.

Once again, congratulations on your accomplishments and we thank you for trusting Firestone with your business.

Tom Walker

Vice President of Sales

John Geary

Vice President of Marketing